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Post by Acee on Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:19 pm

Hello! And welcome to "The Regenesis" webcomic's official forums! Smile I'm Acee and it's a pleasure to introduce myself!

I'm the creator/designer of the website the webcomic is hosted on and I hope you're enjoying the design so far, because there is far more awesomeness with design and interface and all to come! Wink But enough about me blabbering on about my work!

Now before we- I mean you, get started with posting and what not lets lay down some rules first okay? okay.


1. Be friendly! We don't want to make enemies! (Or do we...? o.o)

2. No SPAM! Alright now I understand we all want Senpai Acee, or Senpai Dann, or Senpai Kenney to notice us all, but please refrain from spamming your posts, first time is a warning we'll just simply remove the "duplicated" post second time we'll remove both the "duplicated" post and the original post, so please, don't try to get our attention, we know you're there! c:

3. No Pornography/Nudes/Etc.! This is a site about a webcomic you fecking sick-o why would you even think of doing such a thing to not only our poor eyes but to the fans poor eyes... You CRUEL MONSTER!

4. Have..... FUN! If you don't have fun. I will find you. And when I do. I will take you to Chuck e' Cheese, and we will get a face sketch together, and we will play some ski-ball and we will have fun. (Don't test me e.e)

But that's pretty much it! Smile

Thanks for joining! And don't forget to share the webcomic with family and friends (or just friends if your family is absolutely to lame for this comic Wink ) See ya later! Very Happy -~Acee

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